COVID-19 Limo Safety Vail

Due to increased concerns for safety brought on by the COVID-19 virus, B-Line Xpress has adopted the following measures to ensure our guests experience minimal risks when interacting with our vehicles and chauffeurs. Call with any questions regarding our Covid 19 Safety Protocols for Vail, Beaver Creek and Aspen Limo for hire.

  • B-Line’s detailing staff will disinfect each vehicle with an Ozone machine. This machine creates 03 molecules, which kills germs by breaking them down on a molecular level.
  • Prior to starting their work day, chauffeurs will disinfect commonly contacted areas from the previous chauffeur including; driver’s door handle, steering wheel, vehicle start button, touchscreen, trunk door handle, arm rest, window buttons, rear liftgate button and cooler.
  • Prior to the first trip of the day, chauffeurs will disinfect guest high traffic areas of the vehicle including; door handles, touchscreens, window buttons, climate control buttons, A/V buttons, seat belts, arm rests and cooler.
  • Chauffeurs will use facemasks and gloves at all times when they are in the presence of our guests. We will also offer guests a face mask should they desire one.
  • After each trip, chauffeurs will disinfect the entire passenger cabin with a disinfectant 409 solution. Chauffeurs will dispose of gloves used between each trip as well to discourage cross-contamination.
  • Dispatch will inform guests of additional wait time required to allow the chauffeur to disinfect their vehicle before they greet him. We should communicate this during the sales process via phone call and email / text confirmations.
  • Remove all periodicals from the vehicle after each trip.
  • Move the cooler to the front seat and hand each guest a water, rather than letting them put their hands in the cooler themselves.
  • Chauffeurs should keep their own chemicals rather than have a communal cart (glass cleaner, tire shine, 409, spray wax) to prevent spreading of germs.
  • Dispatch should make every effort to allow plenty of time for cleaning pre, post, and between trips.
  • Dispatch should keep the same driver in the same car as much as possible.
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